11 Beauty Tips from Amy Brakcman

Enjoy these 11 summer beauty tips that were recently featured in the regional lifestyle magazine 01907. Beauty expert Amy Brackman welcomes you to visit LuxeBeautiQue to learn ways to be your beautybest all summer long.

"Happy girls are the prettiest girls." – Audrey Hepburn

Yesterday I looked out the window of The Beauty Loft and saw the sun sparkling on the Fisherman’s Beach. Lucky me! From my vantage point, I see 01907 in the best light possible. We are so blessed to live on the coastline, especially in the summer. When asked to give some summer beauty tips, I thought I would lead with two words, “Go bare!” Summer is the season to travel light in everything you do. Here are 11simple beauty tips to help you shine.

Declare a Bare Summer

Take a hiatus from wearing make up. Revel in the feeling of revealing your natural beauty and letting your inner light shine.

Bid Adieu to Your Mascara

If you want a no fuss way to showcase your eyes, try lash tinting or eye lash extensions.   Jettison the daily mascara applications and enjoy batting your long beautiful lashes.

Get Your Bronze On

Airbrush tanning is a great solution to get a healthy glow without exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays. It’s a simple and quickway to look refreshed all summer long.

Sun Kiss Your Hair

Summer is a great time to lighten up your hair. Sprinkle in a few highlights or go a shade or two lighter. Want to know how the celebrities achieve that naturally sun-kissed natural look? It is a process calledbalayage where the highlights are painted on by hand from the base to the tip of the hair.  The chunky highlight look is a natural sun-kissed look that lasts from eight weeks to four months.

Eat Fruits Ripe with Vitamin C

Boost your immune system by enjoying fruits high in Vitamin C like guava, citrus fruits, kiwi, pomegranate and papaya. Vitamin C is an essential component of skin care providing a powerful antioxidant protection and you shielding skin from sun damage.

Add Olive Oil to Your Diet

Did you know that adding olive oil to your diet can benefit your health and counter the oxidizing effect of the sun? Looking to reduce stretch and increase your overall health? Google “health benefits of olive oil” and check out its magic.

Block The Sun

By now you know that you need to protect your skin by applying sun block daily. Check out the new serum products you can layer to help keep you skin moist and fresh.

Tighten Your Skin

Why avoid the mirror and the beach when there are non-surgical skin tightening solutions? Our clients are loving their treatments with the Viora Reaction that are non-invasive and affordable. They pop by on their lunch break and even have time for a quick stroll on the beach

Get on the Nail Express

While it’s cozy to spend time in the spa getting your nails done in the cold weather, who wants to come in every week in the summer? Gels and shellac allow you to enjoy your favorite summer colors and spend the season painting the town instead of your nails!


There is nothing like a summer day to make you smile. Don’t let imperfect teeth impair your natural desire to crack a wide smile. There are plenty of great dentists here in Swampscott that can help you whiten and brighten your smile.

Drink lots of water

Toast to good times with a tall glass of fresh spring water. It will quench your thirst, is great for your skin and will improve your overall skin.

I am so happy to be raising my family in Swampscott and celebrating the ninth year of business in 01907. Please stop by LuxeBeautiQue at our new location at 410 Humphrey Street. Mention 01907 to receive a special discount.